Hi, I'm Dr. Mike!

I have spent several years impacting many lives working in the fitness industry as a personal trainer, fitness manager, and club manager. I have also had the pleasure of coaching a few years of collegiate track and field. My combined graduate education in both kinesiology and sociology, my passion for physical activity and healthy eating, along with my industry experience has given me the practical tools and broader understanding of the importance to living a healthy life. I want to use my knowledge and skills to help you reach your health and fitness goals.

Balanced Exercise & Nutrition Planning

Sometimes to change diet habits is sufficient for changing the body. Eating healthy is not only good for the body,  but proper nutrition can be crucial for optimal physical and mental functioning.

Life is motion and you can feel your every muscle when you are exercising the body. Of course you have to know which exercises are useful and correct to achieve your goals. A proper and consistent health and fitness program has a positive affect on both physical and mental health.

Personalized nutrition and exercise go hand and hand. Without both, your health and fitness goals cannot be fully achieved. That is why I offer and program them together. For those who have taken control of their nutrition and only need assistance with their exercise, I do offer a twelve-week exercise-only program.

How Online Personal Training Works


After signing up, we will have a phone consultation to gather all the necessary information to better understand your current health, goals and preferences


Based on your goals and preferences, a personalized strength and cardio  plan will be created


You will  have access to a completely editable nutrition plan, which is guided by your exercise program and food preferences


You will have access to exercise video and print demonstrations, alternative exercises and exercise equipment choices, as well as detailed nutrition information (e.g., recipes, favorites, cookbook, grocery lists, etc.)


Consistent communication during Online Personal Training is very important to identify, enact and sustain improvements while achieving your goals


Every six weeks we will do an assessment of your exercise and nutrition plans to keep you on the right path to continue seeing results

What Are You Waiting For?

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