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Dr. Mike
25 Dec 2019

Politics in sport and physical activity

The notion of politics and sport is not new, as articles, books, and book chapters have been devoted to capturing the espoused ideologies (see Black & Nauright, 1998; Sage, 1998), movements (see Edwards, 1969; Hahn, 1984; Wheeler, 1978), and experiences of groups (Abney, 2007; Anderson & South, 2007) in regards to these interactions. So, how does this chapter add to or fill the gap of existing writings on politics and sport? Utilizing a critical theoretical lens (see Carter, 2010), our goal is to present, or more specifically, provide a generational vantage when we: a) define the meaning of sport, b) understand the relationship between sport and politics; and, c) contextualize how the notion of ideologies and power in politics impacts sport and physical activity throughout four generations.

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