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20 Apr 2021

Regardless of all the differences we have, most of us have one thing in common when it comes to exercise: We find excuses as to why we don’t/can’t do it.

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21 Mar 2021

Through my years of training and coaching, one of the most debatable topics I’ve come across is the importance of rest and recovery. Not so much the need for it, but questions of why, when and how.

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12 Feb 2021

The key is not to just train, but to train smart. The smarter you train, the better chance you will commit to be fit! If you are new to working out or want to move into a new direction with your training, these tips may be just what’s needed.

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01 Jan 2021

I have been asked by clients, students and others I have conversed with when discussing health and fitness if sex counts as exercise. Sex is physical activity, and exercising is a form of physical activity. But can sex take the place of exercise?

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17 Dec 2020

When losing weight, an important thing to consider is metabolism. Metabolism is the breakdown of nutrients (fat, carbohydrates, and protein) to produce the necessary energy (i.e., burn calories) for the body to function inside and out. The faster the body can burn calories, the faster the body will lose weight.

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Heart rate training is the ability to take a proactive approach going into a cardio session, using the heart rate as a guide to design the type and intensity of the workout…

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24 Oct 2020

To get the most from your exercise, a balanced exercise program should include strength training, cardiovascular training, and flexibility training.

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06 Sep 2020

Being educated on how alcohol affects the body and what you can do to keep these affects to a minimum, your weight loss goals will become a reality.

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28 Aug 2020

Cardiovascular exercise is essential for achieving and maintaining weight loss and to maximize your overall fitness and athletic level.

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