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12 Feb 2021

The key is not to just train, but to train smart. The smarter you train, the better chance you will commit to be fit! If you are new to working out or want to move into a new direction with your training, these tips may be just what’s needed.

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Heart rate training is the ability to take a proactive approach going into a cardio session, using the heart rate as a guide to design the type and intensity of the workout…

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28 Aug 2020

Cardiovascular exercise is essential for achieving and maintaining weight loss and to maximize your overall fitness and athletic level.

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18 Aug 2020

This post is not meant to be exhaustive. I want to just throw some key tips at you that I share with my clients. Taking these tips and applying them to your fitness lifestyle, the hope is that they will help you keep moving. Living fit is a journey!

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10 Jul 2020

When people start exercising for the first time (or the first time in a long time, or changing the type of exercise they do), one of the questions I tend to get is whether listening to music has a positive or negative effect on exercise performance. There are typically two sides to this argument.

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