A healthy society begins with healthy individuals
Dr. Mike

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24 Feb 2022

To be a healthy individual and society, we have to view health as within and beyond the self. Some call this complete health, others holistic health. Regardless of the name, working on our physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being has to be the goal to achieve this endeavor.

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20 Apr 2021

Regardless of all the differences we have, most of us have one thing in common when it comes to exercise: We find excuses as to why we don’t/can’t do it.

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06 Sep 2020

Being educated on how alcohol affects the body and what you can do to keep these affects to a minimum, your weight loss goals will become a reality.

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Is there a connection between spiritual health and mental health? Based on mixed findings, I believe this question cannot be answered until we redefine the meaning of spirituality. 

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