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The notion of politics and sport is not new, as articles, books, and book chapters have been devoted to capturing the espoused ideologies (see Black & Nauright, 1998; Sage, 1998), movements (see Edwards, 1969; Hahn, 1984; Wheeler, 1978), and experiences of groups (Abney, 2007; Anderson & South, 2007) in regards to these interactions. So, how […]

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The purpose of this paper was to introduce the systemic racism theoretical framework (Feagin, 2006) to college sport to better facilitate in analyzing both the dominant positioning of whites and the lack of advancement of blacks in leadership positions. As a critical sociological theory, systemic racism has strategically and critically illustrated historical-to-contemporary, deep-to-surface level, and […]

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Blacks in US sports have made significant strides since the landmark signing of Jackie Robinson by the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947. While racial integration improved opportunities for black sport participation on a large scale, this was not the case for black leaders in sport, the owners, managers, athletic directors, and coaches. As Rhoden (2006: 139) […]

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